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Software Consulting

Building a compelling web site involves diverse talents and skills. Some of them are obvious, but others might surprise you.

At Fab Gear, we have deep experience in the tools, standards, protocols, products and techniques you'll need to get your project going.

On the server side, for example:

  • Java, Servlets and JSP: Tomcat, Resin, JServ, ServletExec, WebMacro, Struts
  • C++, C, Python, Perl, and far too many more
  • Web servers: Apache, iPlanet, IIS, Squid
  • Database servers: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Protocols and standards: HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS, MIME. And not just using them - we've written client and server implementations of them!
  • Development tools: CVS, Bugzilla
  • Network security: firewalls, port filtering, network address translation (NAT), SSH, etc.
  • Operating systems: Solaris, Linux, Windows

Closer to the presentation end, you might be interested in:

  • HTML and XML, including browser capabilities (a short list) and quirks (a long list).
  • Style sheets, from CSS to XSL
  • JavaScript (aka ECMAScript or JScript)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Swift3D, Swish, Fireworks, etc.

If you're into obsolete technologies, we're still trying to repress memories of CGI, NSAPI, LiveWire, and Smalltalk. Also xIPC, DCE... middleware in general, come to think of it. If you're still working with any of this stuff, come on by - we'll buy you a beer and help you figure a way out.

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