Checkpoints Four, Five and Six

Merge: Installation
Deploy the system on your local machines, your web host, or on our machines.

Driving Directions:
Configure your workstations for web applications and/or site maintenance (some applications may require a recent version of a browser or a specific plug-in, for example).

On the Interstate: Training and Maintenance
Familiarize your staff with the site and its capabilities.

Driving Directions:
A quick tour will ensure that everyone in your organization knows the site, and can respond to questions and direct traffic appropriately.

For the people with the task of keeping the site up-to-date, we will explain the site's management, maintenance and reporting features.

It's a Contining Journey: Publicity and Future Growth
Not all sites want publicity, but if it's appropriate, we'll help you get the word out about your new site and what it offers.

Driving Directions:

  • Directories: The web has hundreds of special-purpose site directories. We'll make sure that your site is included in the appropriate ones, with the best possible categorization.
  • Search Engines: We'll publish your site in all the popular search engines. It will respond to the appropriate keywords and have a clean description.
  • Advertising: Whether it's simple banner exchanges or traditional ad space, we can help you get the word out.

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