Site Development Roadmap

Building a site that meets your needs, schedule and budget is not always an easy task. Fab Gear Interactive favors a highly interactive, rapid-prototyping model of site design that converges on an outstanding site as quickly as possible.

First Stop: The Message

Determine the site's purpose and message.

Your site's major themes will determine its design. What are you trying to get across?

  • Marketing communications
  • Product information
  • e-Commerce (on-line sales)
  • Technical information
  • Customer support
  • Application (e.g. a database system)
  • Investor information

Driving Directions:
Collect your existing marketing and technical material, and help integrate your organization's message.
Determine the basic characteristics for any web applications to be built.

Determine the key points of contact and approval authority for the Web site content.

Pit Stop: Create a Requirements Prototype
Develop graphical elements and navigational tools that complement the site message and purpose.

Driving Directions:
Your page layout and flow should emphasize your message, and will represent your organization on the web.

It is especially important to plan the site so that users are neither frustrated nor bored during their visit.

Interactively create web pages that have something close to the final look and feel, with mock-up functionality.

If necessary, determine the domain name, and register it.

Identify a hosting environment and any requirements that derive from the choice.

Fork in the Road: Implementation

Develop the site, including:

  • Themes and templates
  • Pages
  • Server and/or client side components

Driving Directions:
Tune the site performance by cutting down the graphics file size and count. Iron out any browser incompatibilities.

Acquire products and licenses necessary for the site.

Keep on Truckin' toward Waypoint Four

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