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We rely on proven technologies with long lifespans, so we won't tie you to some product that sounds promising, but disappears in the next press release.

Design: Eye catching, but with a purpose.
Our site designs are sharp, fun, and fresh, but they don't get in the way. We'll avoid the newest toy if it eliminates half your audience. Our site navigation and workflow provide a clear, comfortable framework, but allow us to offer a rich, interactive experience.

We can also help establish your corporate or product branding, to tie your company, products and Web site together in the minds of your customers.

Implementation: Deep experience in tools, databases and programming languages
You've heard the old saying: if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Many site designers have a similarly myopic view of the Web, because they are proficient with just one product. That dependence leads to scalability and flexibility traps.

Performance is poor? Sorry, the next version is supposed to be faster. Want to use streaming video or dynamic HTML? Sorry, the product doesn't support it.

We avoid those traps because we have experience with a wide variety of products and techniques, and use them to your best advantage. We won't tailor an expensive, customized solution when an off-the-rack solution fits just as well. But when your needs grow beyond what the simple tools can provide, Fab Gear Interactive can build the Java, C++ or database component necessary to make your site work for you.

Installation and Maintenance
We'll work with your ISP to ensure that the user experience is seamless, reliable, fast, and within your budget. In addition, your site will include the tools and procedures you need to keep the pages current.

How does all this happen? Take a quick look at our site development roadmap, and you'll see how we turn ideas into a Web site of which you can be proud.

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