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The most important thing an application can do—stay with me on this—is exist. Vast numbers of applications, very interesting applications, continue not to exist, and therefore improve no lives and generate no money.

As a software designer, I hear endless debates about technologies and future-resistant architectures, but technical folks must acknowledge that our choices only really matter as they affect what gets put up in front of users, today and tomorrow. Favorite operating systems, comfortable but outdated programming languages, and other technical prejudices must be sacrificed for the more important goal: getting the right application in front of the right people. I'm not suggesting that you should ignore your experience; just recognize that situations do indeed change, and you must be intellectually honest.

At Fab Gear Interactive, we are proud to say that we've brought every project we started to a successful conclusion. That record is born of pragmatism. We cast a wary eye on the novice who suggests being the first to use some fresh proprietary technology. We calmly explain the irony of creating a complex structure to support future flexibility.

We're not perfect, but we always get to the finish line.

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