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Veri Sign Fab Gear is providing technical leadership and software development support to the Verisign Global Registry Services division.

If you have pharmaceuticals on the market, you deal with a bewildering array of patient profiles and interacting drugs to monitor the safety and effectiveness of your products. If your product, say, causes respiratory problems for women over 50 who are also taking aspirin, would you know about it?

You would if you used QScan. QScan sorts through mountains of reports to find the golden nuggets important to you. These reports come from numerous sources, in multiple formats, and cover several decades - but QScan makes sense of it all, then applies its sophisticated algorithms to help researchers zero in on issues. The result: safer drugs, faster.

Fab Gear Interactive has supported QED Solutions, Inc. with extensive data and software design, as well as the implementation of QScan and its supporting technologies.

Navigating the complex maze of health privacy regulations is not the best way for medical professionals to spend their time -- time they'd rather be spending learning how to better treat their patients. The Compliance Company's mission is to provide solutions to professionals grappling with the challenges presented by new privacy legislation.

Fab Gear designed and developed a web site to guide health professionals through the rapidly evolving HIPAA laws and health privacy policy (HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The site provides a cost effective resource to help organizations stay in compliance with government privacy regulation.

You may have heard that real estate is all about location, location, location. That's not quite it; it's all about information, information, information. You start with literally hundreds of attributes describing each home for sale, mix in buyers, sellers and agents, and finish off with dozens of attributes related to the sale itself... well, you can see how it comes down to information technology.

Century 21 New Millenium, one of the largest real estate brokers in the Washington, DC area, understands all this, which is why they already had one of the most advanced information infrastructures in the industry. When a company like that decides to move to the next generation of networked services, you know you've got a challenge ahead.

Fab Gear Interactive, working with Open Systems Associates, developed an enterprise information system that provides front-room and back-room services, offers appropriate access to critical information at all levels of the organization, and integrates numerous workflows and applications.

In its default configuration, eMotion's MediaQuest 3.0 is a feature-rich media management system, but that's just half the story. MediaQuest 3.0 is also a platform on which to build sophisticated media management applications.

MediaQuest includes a natural language search engine, flexible user access and content licensing schemes, a template processor based on JavaScript, multiple types of plug-in modules, and much more.

Fab Gear Interactive designed and developed the server-side components of MediaQuest 3.0 on the Windows NT platform. The system was written in C++.

Guru Guru NETworks is the leading technology company in the real estate space. Their GURU technology is an integrated system that provides full automation of the many steps involved in residential real estate brokerage. It is delivered as a turnkey package that can be customized to each broker's locality and respective business model.

GURU includes transaction support for both independent contractors and salaried agents. The GURU product fully automates a broker's core operations, including Web site, e-mail, lead generation, Multiple Listing Service, transaction management, accounting, and personnel. GURU greatly reduces data input and transaction management costs, while increasing leads optimization, agent and staff productivity, and quality customer service.

Fab Gear designed and developed the prototype and initial release of Guru NETworks's GURU brokerage management system.

Sandbox If you're one of the 50 most popular web sites, serving some 200 million pages a month, you know you're going to have a pretty hefty power bill. If the Sandbox.com web site could become twice as fast, almost overnight, well, let's just say that Sun would lose a lot of server sales.

Fab Gear Interactive helped Sandbox.com developers implement a pilot project to replace their aging software infrastructure with a Java/JSP based architecture that provides faster results and uses much less hardware.

As they implement this new infrastructure, Sandbox.com will have the headroom to add new visitors and new games using their existing hardware. But don't worry about Sun; they'll be just fine.

Sitebuilder It's easy to create an e-commerce web site. Just research ISPs and the packages they offer, decide on the ones you want, create an account, design and build your site, and you're done. Except you also need a merchant account, and you'll have to think about system monitoring and customer support, too. Some familiarity with HTML and Perl wouldn't hurt, come to think of it.

If you prefer to focus on your business, rather than the technical details, then Sitebuilder should be your first stop. Sitebuilder lets you create a site through a simple series of web pages. At the end of the 15 minute process, you'll have a running site with customer support and even promotional tools.

We designed and developed the Sitebuilder system, which is a Java/JSP application.

Knowledge Works KnowledgeWorks LLC specializes in creating customized support and training materials for software vendors. When they came up with an idea for an interactive system that would construct a customized manual based on a user's responses to a detailed questionnaire about their skill level and needs, Fab Gear worked with them to develop and focus their thinking and requirements, rapidly prototyping a working system with a back-office section that allowed them to construct questionnaire trees, upload and categorize their content, and a customer site that allows customers to create, customize, purchase, and publish their manuals, generating PDF documents for immediate secure download.

InfoCruiser is an exciting place. They're building a plug-and-play database acceleration device called the dbCruiser - performance and scalability in a box. It doesn't replace your database - it just makes it much, much faster.

Fab Gear Interactive developed a testing and demonstration application, and also helped develop a testing framework to help ensure that the appliance is a perfect replacement for the underlying database. The only difference you'll see is that it's dramatically faster.

Fab Gear developed and hosts codedrop.com, a site that provides the open source development community a "source code reading room" to examine the work of past and on-going software projects, to facilitate discussion and critique. Codedrop provides convenient, browseable access to gigabytes of syntax-highlighted source code.

Everyone loves to get flowers. That keeps busy companies like York Flowers growing. And amongst the pruning, watering, and delivery tasks, the last thing they need to be distracted by is the care and feeding of an e-commerce web site.

Fab Gear expanded the capabilities of York Flower's e-commerce site, automated its administration, and improved several workflow elements. In addition, we assisted them in transitioning the site to a new ISP.

Cougar Paws manufactures products that help roofers, inspectors and adjustors avoid nasty surprises. Like, for example, slipping off the roof. Or, on warm days, leaving footprints on the roof.

Fab Gear Interactive designed and developed the Cougar Paws web site.

Walnut Acres Walnut Acres offers great organic food, but that's just what you'd expect from a company that's been selling organic food for more than 50 years.

What you might not expect is the wealth of information the site offers: tips for sustainable living, news about the environment, discussion groups, and more.

Fab Gear Interactive helped Walnut Acres design and build their site, integrate it with their back-office processing, find a hosting service, and maintain the site.

OSA Currently and for the past two years, Fab Gear has worked with Open Systems Associates (OSA) as their primary software engineering partner. We have worked with OSA and their customers on several projects (including Guru NETworks above). We have provided project management and architecture consulting, software engineering and operations services.

Canal Bridge Consulting Successful organizations embrace change with enthusiasm. That's not always easy. Canal Bridge Consulting helps companies meet the challenge of change. And looking at their site, you can see they do it in style.

Fab Gear assisted Canal Bridge in the presentation graphics used on its web site.

Volunteer Projects

In our spare time, aside from defending the Earth from alien takeover, we like to help out certain organizations near and dear to our hearts.

AUCP Fab Gear developed and hosts a site for the Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool, including a member database, fundraising information, and affiliate purchasing support.

TJHSST Fab Gear developed and hosts the site of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Alumni Association, which includes a detailed, searchable database of over 4000 alumni of the magnet school, as well as information of interest to the alumni community.

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