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A look at a few of the folks inside Fab Gear.

Andrew Boyko
Official Release from the Fab Gear Press Department:
As a senior software engineer, Andrew Boyko has led the way in building Fab Gear's software development practices. Starting with a foundation of Java, Andrew has developed an environment that relies on JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Struts for web presentation, and includes automated schema inspection and class generation. Andrew was an early champion of expressing structural relationships through XML configuration, which we also use for data transfer. In addition, Andrew has developed a productive configuration management environment that produces safe, reliable and repeatable results with minimal burden. Having these practices in place means that we can get started quickly; we're making web pages when other organizations are still making decisions.

Andrew has also tackled some of our most challenging engineering efforts, including a memorable project in which he was called upon to implement RFC-compliant, wire line level implementations of the key Internet protocols - HTTP (web), SMTP (email) and FTP (file transfer) — all in one product. Before co-founding Fab Gear, Andrew was a key developer of, an online image resource.

"Behind the Development":
An unabashed tea-junkie, Andy keeps no less than ten varieties in the Fab Pantry, including one called "Monkey Picked Ti Kuan Yin."

Words to Live By: "Hot tea for everyone!"

Wesley Hodges
Official Release from the Fab Gear Press Department:
In addition to his abilities as a senior software engineer, Wesley Hodges offers experience in network configuration, provisioning and security. He has designed and installed secure enterprise networks, and has helped numerous customers find hosting services appropriate to their functional and scaling requirements - not to mention their budgets.

On the software engineering front, Wesley has added a sophisticated mapping capability to a number of sites, and has created web applications to educate medical professionals on privacy issues, and to help run real estate brokerages. Prior to co-founding Fab Gear, Wesley was an engineer at Picture Network International, where he developed a sophisticated web template processor using server-side JavaScript and custom HTML tags.

"Behind the Development":
Nothing, absolutely nothing flusters Wes--not a deadline, not a huge list of last-minute client requirements or large, scary monsters. This quality is greatly appreciated by the more hysterical members of Club Fab Gear.

Words to Live By: "Ye."

Carmen Iannacone
Carmen Iannacone provides expertise in database design and data management. He has a long history of making convoluted data cleaner and easier to use, as in a recent project where he built an investigative application over multiple public data sources in the pharmaceutical industry. He has also worked with a manufacturing concern to integrate their traditional, manual processes and legacy databases into a streamlined, enterprise information resource.

Before co-founding Fab Gear, Carmen was a senior engineer at Picture Network International, where he developed a powerful rights management and fee negotiation engine for licensing stock photography. In addition, Carmen has managed teams for content production and software development. Carmen holds three patents in multimedia management.

"Behind the Development":
An avid theater fan and metro-D.C. touring maven, Carmen's likely to try and drag you off to The Shakespeare Theater's annual Shakespeare Free For All (or one of the area's forty other performing companies), or one of dozens of underrated-but-great area attractions like Maryland's Ladew Topiary Gardens or the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. As Fab Gear's resident Beatles historian, he stands ready to discuss the nuances of their career and oeuvre should your project require it.

Words to Live By: "[There's] Nothing you can you do, but you can learn how to be you, in time." Wait, before you write that down, check out the rest...

Patrick Quaid
Patrick Quaid offers architectural and strategic consulting. In the architectural realm, he helped one of the most popular web sites on the Internet continue to scale, and has recently provided technical leadership in a project that will improve the performance and reliability of one of the Internet's critical underlying services. His strategic consulting has helped launch numerous offerings, ranging from a sophisticated application server to a complete web-based site generation application.

Before co-founding Fab Gear, Patrick was the software development manager at Picture Network International (now eMotion, Inc), where he designed and led development of their MediaQuest content management system. Prior to that, Patrick was the lead developer of a patented natural language search engine for SRA International, and built automated reengineering tools for GSSI.

"Behind the Development":
Our friend Pat lost the coin toss, and is, can you believe it, the President of Fab Gear Interactive. He's jumped out of an airplane, likes the movie Spinal Tap. Doesn't care for Very Hot Weather. A good doodler. Apparently had large hair in the 1980s, but we don't hold that against him one little bit.

Words to Live By from P. Quaid: clever saying coming soon

Tim Roe
Tim Roe is Fab Gear's director of business development. Since he joined Fab Gear in June, 2000, he has led an effort to launch a startup business offering real estate brokerage solutions, and helped establish business operations for several other young companies. Before joining Fab Gear, Tim was the software development manager at OSA, where he oversaw the development of their flagship product, and manager of operations at PNI, where he established the infrastructure that ran not only Publishers Depot (one of the web's earliest commerce sites), but also several outsourced content management services. In that role, he was responsible for everything from data center operations to quality assurance to customer service and, as always, cost control. Tim's earlier positions include the Vice President of Telecommunications for First American Data Services, and managing regional data centers for Perot Systems, offering the range of services including design, installation, transitions, consolidations, and conversions.

"Behind the Development":
Tim's like that fun, nut-ball uncle that will hide you from your kissy aunt at family gatherings and sneak candy to you when no one is looking. You know him, he's the guy to buy you your first beer, when you turn 21, of course.

Words to Live By from T. Roe: "Never use a word longer than two syllables" or "You make me feel like a natural woman"

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