Where does the name come from?

It comes from 60's slang. That's the early 60's, when long hair meant anything other than a crew cut. It goes something like this:

  • Fab adj. Swell, neat, cool, hip. Better than bad.
  • Gear adj. Same thing.
  • Interactive means a two-way system, but you knew that....

For references, you might want to turn to the appropriate anthropological records, which in this case would be the Beatles' movies A Hard Days Night and Help!. In fact, one mis-remembered phrase in Help! indirectly inspired our name.

Since no one at Fab Gear Interactive was, technically, alive during the brief heyday of the adjectival form of "gear", the usage only seems possible with a Liverpudlian accent. Anybody know whether it was ever used in the US?

These days people probably hear our name as "great stuff", and that's OK. But now you know that the real meaning is: "neat neat".

Our History

Fab Gear Interactive was formed by a group of experienced software developers to provide applications for commerce and complex business problems.

Fab Gear's founders were working on client/server systems when Internet technologies came along and solved all of our problems. Well, not all our problems: browsers were weak, and the servers didn't do much. But time marches on, and and now the industry finally offers powerful, programmable browsers and stable, modular, integrated servers. Now we are beginning to realize the potential that these technologies can offer in terms of increased productivity and return on investment.

Fab Gear Interactive was formed to leverage emerging technologies to create a new generation of powerful and maintainable shared Web applications. Most organizations have an initial Web presence, and see the value of it. Many are beginning to seek additional value in interactive features and Web applications. That's where we come in.

Fab Gear Interactive provides software and web application development consulting in a variety of areas, from architecture to database development.

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